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  • Seoul City Hall – Fabrics and Fashion

    SMG 2044
  • 08_fabrics_and_fashion

    The artistic side of Seoul is very prominent in daily life. The unique textiles and fabrics that South Korea offers are utilized by all kinds of talented fashion designers. Those interested in fashion will have a great time walking around Seoul City Hall.

    Also, inside you’ll find an art gallery and a sound gallery. There is also a bookstore with a staircase that leads to the first floor of the building where all the. Seoul officials pass by. After completing all the missions, there is a colorful rest area for all to relax or enjoy a live show.

    Finally, if you feel like sharing your awesome time in Seoul City Hall, just connect to their free wi-fi. South Korea is home to one of the fastest networks in the world. Share your photos and videos from any of your devices.

    How to get there: Take the subway from line 1 or line 2 to City Hall Station Exit 5.