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  • Seoul City Hall English Café Holds ‘Noon Concert’

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    Seoul City hosted the first “Noon Concert’ in English at the ‘Pine Tree’ English Café in City Hall on April 6.

    Starting in April, a small concert will be held during lunchtime every Wednesday in the first and third weeks of the month at Dasan Small Park in front of the English Café located inside Seoul City Hall Seosomun Building to give visitors an opportunity to appreciate foreign cultures.

    The concert is one of a number of measures designed to boost the use of Seoul City’s English Café, a venue exclusively for English study. The event has been prepared to provide people with multicultural experience in the globalized era, and is conducted in English to fulfill the function of the English Café.

    Photos of the 2010 event

    The event will consist primarily of live cultural performances, including traditional music and dances by troupes from all over the world.

    The English Café was originally used exclusively as an English-language study venue for the city government’s staff members. However, the facility was opened to the public on April 1, and runs programs for members of the public, including one-on-one individual tutoring by professional English language tutors.

    Details of the concert can be obtained at the English Café blog (seoulpinetree.com), or by dialing the 120 Dasan Call Center.