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  • Seoul city gov’t supports 15 innovative start-ups at CES 2021

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    The Seoul city government has selected 15 start-ups to take part in this year’s all-digital Consumer Electronics Show. One wants to resolve the issue of food waste, while another is an up-and-comer in the medical field. Our Jang Tae-hyun went to check them out and files this report.

    One third of all food around the world is thrown away while 11 percent of the global population is suffering from famine. To address the issue of food waste, South Korean start-up ‘NUVI Lab’ has developed an artificial intelligence food scanner one of the 15 innovative start-ups which Seoul city is helping in the Consumer Electronics Show, or CES 2021.

    “When you scan the food, you will know the nutritious information and how many calories you are consuming. It also collects data about how much food is wasted. With that information, we can reduce food waste or offer personal healthcare services.”

    It’s also good for the environment because less waste means less energy to produce the food and lower methane emissions from landfills. 90 scanners have already been installed across the country, and the company is developing a mobile application.

    Another company chosen by Seoul city is medical start-up, ‘Medi Whale.’ Its software, ‘Dr. Noon’ which means “Dr. Eye” in Korean is an artificial intelligence diagnostic device which delivers quick medical check-ups by scanning the eyes.

    “With a simple eye scan, this AI technology can detect problems with your eyes, heart and blood vessels in just 2 minutes.”

    “Actually, we are focusing on the eye because eye have the many potential to predict other diseases. We believe that we could see many other systemic diseases, which are critical for the human being.”

    South Korea’s Ministry of Food and Drug Safety has approved Dr. Noon and it is already being exported to other countries like Singapore and Indonesia. As people have to pay to see the displays in CES 2021, Seoul city has opened a free website ‘smartseoul.net’ to promote the selected 15 start-ups.