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  • Seoul city gov’t rolls out its ‘Smart City Service’ in 2 of capital’s districts

  • Seoul BroadCasting News SMG 415
    Residents in two Seoul districts can look forward to safer streets for pedestrians now that the city has rolled out a trial version of its ‘Smart City Service’ in those areas. In Seongdong-gu District, there’s a ‘smart crosswalk’ that sounds a warning if a car doesn’t stop where it should or is speeding. They’ve been installed in 31 places and have led to better compliance. Also, if the system is malfunctioning, the city gets an automatic alert. And for cars making a right turn at an intersection, there’s another system of lights that flash if there are pedestrians in the crosswalk. Seoul started implementing the service two years ago and the end goal is to apply it throughout the capital.