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  • Seoul City Government to Additionally Install Cool Roofs to Cool Down the Sweltering Rooftop Houses

  • Press Releases SMG 546
    • – Seoul Metropolitan Government will additionally install 10 cool roofs followed by 90 regional child care center and low-floor housing areas
    • – Experienced the hot temperatures in a roof top house, Seoul Mayor Park Won-Soon will join a volunteer cool-paint project with college students
    • – Heat reducing paint can cool down the building, save the energy and achieve the efficient use of energy
    • – Mayor Park mentioned that cool roof can help the sweltering rooftop houses and low-floor houses

    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, Aug 16, 2018 – The Seoul Metropolitan Government decided to additionally install cool roofs for energy-poor houses in some districts including Gangbuk-gu. Cool roof helps to reflect sunlight and heat away from a building, reducing roof temperatures. Light-colored paints are applied to reduce the cumulative heat on the roof, which is one of the factors causing the urban heat island effect. Cool roof can decrease the temperature of rooftop by 10℃, reduce the indoor temperature of a building by 2~3℃.

    With a partial support of government expense, the Seoul city government has carried out a demand survey on autonomous districts since June. Based on the survey results, the city government started installing the cool roofs in 90 regional child care center, day care center, and low-floor housing areas including Dobong-gu. The installation is almost completed.

    The additional cool roofs will be installed for energy-poor households who live in rooftop houses. Samhwa Paints Industrial made a donation through Seoul Energy Fund to pay for heat-reducing paints for the 10 cool roofs.

    Mayor Park, who experienced the sweltering rooftop at first hand, will participate in the volunteer work of cool roof painting with university student supporters of Seoul Energy Fund. “Seoul Energy Fund” is a citizen-driven private fund where citizens donate their profit from energy production and saving, and their eco-mileage points. The fund aims to support the welfare of the energy poor households.

    Seoul Mayor Park Won-Soon said, “Rooftop and low-floor houses are really vulnerable to the record-breaking heatwave as they are exposed to direct sunlight. Installing a cool roof can be the most effective way to help these households. Seoul will keep up the supportive measures to protect the life and safety of the energy poor households from the hot temp