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  • Seoul city government to revive the printing venues at Sewoon arcade into the rebirth of industry combining “master + youth + new technology”

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  • Seoul city government to revive the printing venues at Sewoon arcade into the rebirth of industry combining “master + youth + new technology”

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    • – Seoul City announces that it will launch the 2nd phase of the 「Remake‧Sewoon project」 (from Sampung to Jinyang arcade) on 28 March, targeting completion by April 2020
    • – The project will lay the groundwork for a “printing shop without a roof” where printing masters with long experiences and youth creators’ design/technology can coexist
    • – The city government will newly establish anchor facilities including startup spaces, residential areas for the youth and working studios, while Jinyang and Inhyeon arcade will accommodate relevant hub spaces
    • – 7 building in the Sewoon arcade will be connected through 1km-long pedestrian bridge and deck, which will become the North-South pedestrian path in Seoul

    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, March 27, 2018 – The Seoul Metropolitan Government plans to renovate the printing venues in Sewoon arcade, which are struggling with emerging digital media, as the hub for “creative printing industry.” The plan is to combine the printing veterans’ master skills, young creators’ unique design and idea, and cutting-edge technologies including materials, post-processing, and special printing. Last June, the city government designated Chungmu-ro and Ulji-ro areas (300,000㎡) as “the district for promoting the development of the printing industry.” Seoul City is building up a set of “plans for reviving the printing industry” to provide safe working conditions and support sustainable growth.

    The Seoul city government will newly establish a “Print Smart Anchor”, which is a core hub combining the spaces for one-man companies, studios for sampling works, and training facilities. Seoul will also newly install “Makers’ Cube”, a space for printing-related startups. 400 units of houses will be provided for young creators so that a youth community can be created where they can work and live together harmoniously. At Jinyang arcade, new spaces will be located where self-published writers who want to release their books can work with printing businesses at Sewoon arcade while readers can purchase the self-published books. Inhyeon underground shopping center will house printing school, studios and exhibition spaces.

    Effort to revive the pedestrian culture will go hand in hand. The vitality created from industrial regeneration will spread along the pedestrian network. Last September, the Sewoon ~ Cheonggye/Daelim arcades were connected through overhead pedestrian bridges and pedestrian decks. By 2020, a 1km-long pedestrian path will connect 7 buildings in Sewoon arcade stretching from Daelim and Sampung to Jinyang arcade which is connected to Toegye-Ro. Upon the completion, the path will serve as the North-South pedestrian path in Seoul ranging from Jongmyo and Sewoon arcade to Mt. Namsan.

    As indicated above, the Seoul Metropolitan Government has announced the plan to complete the 2nd phase construction of the 「Remake‧Sewoon project」 stretching from Sampung arcade and Hotel PJ to Inhyeon /Jinyang arcade by April 2020. Under the 1st phase of the 「Remake‧Sewoon project」, the northern part (from Sewoon to Cheonggye/Daelim arcade) of Sewoon arcade was reborn as “the place of innovation for creative manufacturing industry” where conventional manufacturing industry meets with digital devices. With the 2nd phase project, the city government plans to renovate the Southern part of Sewoon arcade into a hub for “creative printing industry” by invigorating vitality of cutting-edge technology and competitive design skills to the long-established printing industry.