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  • Seoul City to Entirely Renovate the 3.3km-long Aging Trail along the Namsan Park

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    • – Seoul will replace and repair the trail with color asphalt concrete in consideration of the durability of packing materials and the safety of people with visual disability
    • – The Seoul city government will create a “natural red clay trail” for barefoot walking within a 750-meter-radius of Seokhojung with a tree tunnel
    • – The project will be completed in July with the aim of making walking environment safer, while the city government will conduct the part of the construction at night to minimize the citizens’ inconvenience

    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, May 4, 2018 – Jungbu Parks & Landscape Management Office of Seoul Metropolitan Government will overhaul all the 3.3km-long walking trail in Mt. Namsan. The Namsan North Ringway is an iconic but aging trail, which was established in 2007. The completion of the project is scheduled in July. The Namsan North Ringway stretches from National Theater of Korea, Namsan Cable Car and Namsan restaurant Mokmyeok Sanbang. The trail is a famous walkway in Mt. Namsan stretching along the Northern mountainside. The trail entirely bans the entry of vehicles and bicycles, and it also has a gentle slope. As such, many citizens visit the walkway for walk, workout and rest.

    Since 2012 when the first certification marks were given to 41 daycare centers, the target facilities have been expanded every year – As of the end of 2017, a total of 270 facilities including postpartum care centers and PC cafes were certified as excellent facilities for IAQ.

    The walkways with damage and cracks will be entirely laid with color asphalt concrete and red clay. The guidance block for the blind will also be replaced, which are discolored and bulged. The area within a 750-meter-radius of Seokhojung on the North Ringway will be renovated as a “natural red clay trail” for barefoot walking experience. There are a relatively flat walkway and a tree tunnel with cherry blossoms for sun screening, which makes it the best place for a red clay trail. An outdoor feet shower will also be installed so that visitors can wash their feet after a walk in red clay.

    The 3.3km-long trail project will be divided into two construction sections. The construction will be carried out first for the pavement of color asphalt concrete from May. Then it will be expanded into the red clay section, aiming to complete the project by July.

    To minimize the citizens’ inconvenience, the project will partially narrow the width of the pedestrian area while some of the works such as road cutting will be conducted at night. “As the road pavement will be entirely replaced and a natural red clay trail will be created, it’s expected to become an iconic trail and well-liked by many citizens“, says the Seoul Metropolitan Government.

    Before & After the construction

    Before & After the construction
    As is To be
    before & After the construction before & After the construction
    before & After the construction before & After the construction