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  • Seoul City Creates Free Ads for Public Organizations

  • SMG 6308

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) will collect ideas for the 2017 First Annual Seoul Citizen Hope Commercial between March 21 (Tues) and April 24 (Mon). A successful work should give hope and invoke sympathy from Seoulites. All non-profit organizations, traditional markets, disabled-owned enterprises, female-owned enterprises, co-ops, social enterprises, sharing enterprises, and other small business owners that work to promote the public interest are welcome to apply. By providing an opportunity to create an advertisement for small business owners and non-profit organizations that cannot afford the high cost of creating an ad, the Hope Commercial project hopes to comfort and encourage people who are struggling in the difficult economy.

    The SMG calls for compelling narratives that promote the public interest such as ▴activities by non-profit organizations that contribute to the society and protect the rights of the socially vulnerable such as donating, sharing, volunteering, and ▴ stories behind a company’s foundation or social contribution activities.

    Companies that are selected will receive the full support of SMG in design planning, printing and posting of PR materials, and production of the advertisement. The SMG will provide around 6,900 advertisement slots including corners inside subway trains, stickers on the upper portion of doors, and posting on the walls of kiosks. Starting in 2017, Seoul Video Creators, who are audiovisual experts, will produce advertisements for the selected companies as well.

    The SMG has been promoting public interest activities and economic activity through the provision of free advertisement to small businesses including non-profit organizations, traditional markets and social enterprises since 2012 through the Hope Commercial. INNOCEAN Worldwide, a global marketing communications enterprise, has produced over 200 advertisement designs free of charge, setting an example in the cause of sharing through talent donation.

    Selected companies will be announced in May after a screening process by advertisement experts. Around 20 companies will be selected and selected stories will be promoted in earnest between July and November of 2017 after production is complete. For details on how to apply, please visit the website of SMG (seoul.go.kr).

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