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  • Seoul City to Create a City of Coexistence with ‘ Disability Awareness Month’ in April

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    Seoul City to Create a City of Coexistence with ‘ Disability Awareness Month’ in April

    Seoul City is set to create a stepping stone for the handicapped to live proudly as independent members of society, with the 38th Disability Awareness Day on April 20, 2018.

    < ① Irum Bank Account, helping the young with major disabilities with additional deposits of KRW 150,000 for every KRW100,000-200,000 of savings made >

    First, Seoul City has newly created the ‘Irum Bank Account’ project, which is expected to help with asset accumulation of youth with major disabilities.
    ‘Irum Bank Account’ is a project that strives to help the young with major disabilities alleviate the economic problems of the youth, who suffer from increasing unemployment rate and have to fight for survival, by helping them save enough money for independence as the first program of local government support for asset accumulation of youth with major disabilities.
    The program will operate by setting aside an amount of KRW 150,000 every month as additional deposit of the city’s budget for every deposit of KRW 100,000-200,000 placed in savings by an individual.

    < ②Pursuing freedom from institutionalization for a favorable life of independence, preventing human rights violations and supporting incorporation into society >

    Seoul City will also provide support and pursue freedom from institutionalization of the disabled, helping them harmoniously blend into regional society through independent living that is suited to their characteristics.
    The freedom from institutionalization project, first initiated by Seoul City in 2013 for the first time in the entire country, has supported 604 disabled persons in freeing themselves from institutional life, and they have moved on to live on their own in housings for independent living, group homes, etc., taking their first steps in independent living.

    Through the first stage of escaping institutionalization during the last five years, Seoul City has confirmed the prospect of the project and is in the process of establishing and pursuing the second stage which includes expanding the base for regional independence and post-independence management service, as well as pursuing civil cooperative business, in an effort to speed up the process of escaping from institutionalization and transform living facility structures.

    < ③ Reinforcement of tailor-made welfare facilities for the disabled and pursuing expansion of mobility rights for the visually impaired and people with kidney disabilities >

    Seoul City plans to improve the service and methods of operation for welfare centers for the disabled, working to solve the perennial problem of lack of space for independent districts with limited facilities by investing and supporting consistently for the expansion of their welfare facilities.

    In addition, Seoul City will work to greatly improve transportation services so that the visually impaired and people with kidney disabilities may participate more actively in social activities including filing of civil complaints, commuting to and from work, visiting hospitals, outings, etc.
    When using call taxis whose companies have made agreements with Seoul City, users may benefit from voucher taxis providing a certain amount of discounts, which is expected to be more widely in use. Also, senior helpers will be stationed in subway stations to help the visually impaired use the public transportation system more comfortably, which will also provide worthwhile jobs for senior citizens.