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  • Seoul City to Conduct Free Water Quality Check

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  • Seoul City to Conduct Free Water Quality Check

    Starting on March 13, 2017 (Monday), the Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) will visit each household and implement the Arisu Quality Verification System, a free water quality check consisting of five items including turbidity and residual chlorine of tap water, in order to improve the environmental conditions and safety of the supply of tap water. The water quality check measures residual chlorine levels to assess the safety from general bacteria, iron/copper levels to diagnose the deterioration level in plumbing, turbidity, and pH (numeric scale of hydrogen ion concentration) to evaluate the purity of tap water.

    The water quality check will be provided to around 300,000 households residing in apartments and households whose deteriorated pipes have been replaced, households who have removed their small-sized water tanks and newly installed directional water supply systems, kindergartens, low-income households, and households who want to check the quality of their tap water. The SMG launched the “Arisu Quality Verification System,” a free tap water quality check, in 2008 for the first time in Korea, and has been providing the service to around 300,000 households each year since 2011.

    Through the Arisu Quality Verification System, the SMG identifies households that need to replace outdated water pipes and improve the environmental conditions of the water supply, supports plumbing replacements, and provides consulting services for water quality management such as water tank cleaning. As a result of the water quality checks conducted on 294,555 households in 2016, the SMG identified 862 households that is in need to improve the environmental conditions of their water supply. In order to provide clean tap water to all households, the SMG supported the replacement of outdated plumbing equipment (826 households,) installed directional water supply systems (2 households), and cleaned domestic water tanks (34 households).

    You can apply for the Arisu Quality Verification System at 120 Dasan Call Center, the district Water Supply Office, or at the website of the Office of Waterworks Seoul Metropolitan Government.

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  • MITUL KANSAL 06/11/2017 (5:38 오후)

    If you live in the Seoul metropolitan area, chances are that your tap water is safe to drink.If you are not satisfied ,the council has a special service for you. If you ring ’120′ or go to their website, you can arrange for a technician to come to your house and conduct a purity test on your own tap