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  • Seoul City Celebrates 2017 with the Bosingak Bell

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    Seoul Metropolitan City will ring the Bosingak Bell with the citizens on Saturday, December 31st, 2016 at midnight. The city will select 11 people as representatives for citizens to participate in this year’s Bell-Ringing Ceremony, who gave hope and courage to the citizens in each field of society in 2016, and they will ring the Bosingak Bell in Jongno for the Watch-Night Bell Ceremony 33 times.

    Seoul Metropolitan Government plans to set up a special stage of Bosingak to perform a variety of programs which citizens who come to see the Bell-Ringing Ceremony can enjoy, such as celebration performances before and after the bell ringing and New Year’s greetings from the Mayor of Seoul. Seoul will extend the operation of subways and buses so that citizens who go home late at night after the Bell-Ringing Ceremony can use public transportation conveniently. Subway operation will be extended to 2:00am (based on the terminal station), two hours later than usual, and the subway services will increase by 153 times. The time of the last trains are different for each destination, so make sure to confirm the departure time for the last train in advance by using the notices at subway stations.

    For more information about the Bell-Ringing Ceremony, please visit the Korean website of the Seoul Metropolitan Government (www.seoul.go.kr), and call Dasan Call Center (120), the History & Cultural Heritage Division (☎82-2-2133-2613), or the Transportation Policy Division (☎82-2-2133-2221). For information regarding traffic control related to the event and public transportation, visit Seoul’s traffic information website (http://topis.seoul.go.kr) and the mobile application (http://m.topis.go.kr).

    Time of the last train by subway station

    ◆ Jonggak Station (Line 1)

    ○ Bound for Seodongtan 11:00pm, Bound for Byeongjeom 11:15pm, Bound for Incheon 11:22pm, Bound for Guro 12:51am, Bound for Seoul Station 02:01am
    ○ Bound for Uijeongbu 11:43pm, Bound for Kwangwoon Univ. 12:55am, Bound for Dongmyo Station 01:52am

    ◆ City Hall Station (Line 1)

    ○ Bound for Seodongtan 11:03pm, Bound for Byeongjeom 11:18pm, Bound for Incheon 11:24pm, Bound for Guro 12:54am, Bound for Seoul Station 02:03am
    ○ Bound for Uijeongbu 11:41pm, Bound for Kwangwoon Univ. 12:53am, Bound for Dongmyo Station 01:50am

    ◆ City Hall Station (Line 2)

    Inner circle line
    (Bound for Seongsu, Jamsil)
    Outer circle line
    (Bound for City Hall, Sindorim)
    Bound for Seoul Nat’l Univ. 01:18am Circle Line 12:31am
    Bound for Seongsu 01:36am Bound for Seongsu 12:54am
    Bound for Samseong 01:19am
    Bound for Hongik Univ. 01:59am

    ◆ Euljiro 1(il)-ga Station (Line 2)

    Inner circle line
    (Bound for Seongsu, Jamsil)
    Outer circle line
    (Bound for City Hall, Sindorim)
    Bound for Seoul Nat’l Univ. 01:20am Circle Line 12:29am
    Bound for Samseong 01:38am Bound for Seongsu 12:52am
    Bound for Samseong 01:17am
    Bound for Hongik Univ. 01:57am

    ◆ Jongno 3(sam)-ga Station (Line 1)

    ○ Bound for Seodongtan 10:54pm, Bound for Byeongjeom 11:14pm, Bound for Incheon 11:33pm, Bound for Guro 12:49am, Bound for Seoul Station 01:59am
    ○ Bound for Uijeongbu 11:45pm, Bound for Kwangwoon Univ. 12:57am, Bound for Dongmyo Station 01:54am

    ◆ Jongno 3(sam)-ga Station (Line 3)

    ○ Bound for Ogeum 01:17am, Bound for Dogok 01:35am, Bound for Yaksu 01:53am
    ○ Bound for Daehwa 11:09pm, Bound for Gupabal 01:38am, Bound for Dongnimmun 01:56am

    ◆ Jongno 3(sam)-ga Station (Line 5)

    ○ Bound for Banghwa 01:19am, Bound for Yeouido 01:42am
    ○ Bound for Macheon 01:16am, Bound for Sangildong 01:31am, Bound for Gunja 01:46am

    ◆ Gwanghwamun Station (Line 5)

    ○ Bound for Banghwa 01:22am, Bound for Yeouido 01:45am
    ○ Bound for Macheon 01:04am, Bound for Sangildong 01:26am, Bound for Gunja 01:47am

    ◆ Seoul Station (Line 1)

    ○ Bound for Seodongtan 11:01pm, Bound for Byeongjeom 11:21pm, Bound for Incheon 11:40pm, Bound for Guro 12:56am
    ○ Bound for Uijeongbu 11:38pm, Bound for Kwangwoon Univ. 12:50am, Bound for Dongmyo Station 01:48am

    ◆ Seoul Station (Line 4)

    ○ Bound for Oido 10:43pm, Bound for Ansan 11:21pm, Bound for Sanbon 11:43pm, Bound for Sadang 01:44am
    ○ Bound for Danggogae 01:23am, Bound for Hansung Univ. 01:46am

    ◆ Dangsan Station (Line 9)

    ○ Bound for Sports Complex Station 01:12am, Bound for Sinnonhyeon 01:32am, Bound for Saetgang 01:52am, Bound for Gayang 01:36am

    ◆ Sports Complex Station (Line 9)

    ○ Bound for Gaehwa 01:00am, Bound for Dangsan 01:20am, Bound for Sinnonhyeon 01:40am

    ◆ Gaehwa Station (Line 9)

    ○ Bound for Sports Complex Station 12:44am, Bound for Sinnonhyeon 01:04am, Bound for Saetgang 01:24am, Bound for Gayang 01:44am