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  • Seoul city bikes surge in popularity, with more than 3 million accumulated users

  • Seoul BroadCasting News SMG 2056

    The public bicycles provided throughout the city of Seoul have seen a surge in popularity in the pandemic the equivalent of a third of the city’s population having signed up to use them now.
    The system is called Seoul Bike, or Ttareungyi, in Korean.
    The city says that as of the first half of this year… there were three million users, an increase of a million from a year earlier.
    And there was a corresponding rise in the number of times the bikes were borrowed 14 million times in the first half of the year… for an on-year increase of about 30 percent.
    The city says a large number of people are using the bikes during rush hour, which it says means they’re likely using them as an alternative to crowded buses and trains because of the pandemic.