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  • Seoul City Announces Special Policy for Welcoming PyeongChang Winter Olympics

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    Seoul City Announces Special Policy for Welcoming PyeongChang Winter Olympics

    Seoul City is set to provide diverse opportunities for its citizens to experience the live, heated atmosphere of Pyeongchang right in the heart of Seoul and check out Winter Olympic sports items at Seoul Plaza Ice Skating Rink, Gwanghwamun Plaza, Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP), and many other places, as part of its efforts to make the PyeongChang Winter Olympics a resounding success.

    ○ ICT Winter Sports Experiential Space: Will be held in two dome-shaped buildings in the south area of Seoul Plaza Ice Skating Rink (near Plaza Hotel), and citizens can vividly experience ski jumps, figure jumps, snowball fights, snow sledding, and other winter sports through VR (Jan. 29-Feb. 25).

    ○ Seoul Plaza Ice Skating Rink Experience Program: This experience program will be held once a day. An expert curler will explain the rules of the game and demonstrate how to play at the children’s ice skating rink (Feb. 1-Feb. 14).
    ○ Operation of Two ‘Live Sites’ (Gwanghwamun Plaza, DDP): These two places will allow citizens to experience the heated atmosphere of the Olympics live in the middle of the city through large billboards, and operate as a celebratory space for cheering on the competitors that will melt away the coldness of winter.

    Also, Seoul City will provide support for the convenience of visitors traveling through Seoul during the Olympics. ‘PyeongChang Winter Olympics Special Help Centers’ will be set up (Jan.18-Mar. 18) at major spots in Incheon International Airport, Seoul Station, and elsewhere. These centers can provide information on traveling in Seoul and Pyeongchang. Also, during the ‘Special Welcoming Week’ (Jan. 26-Mar.18), booths will be installed at major tourist locations in Incheon and Gimpo International Airports, Myeongdong, and other places where visitors can try Winter Olympics sports, experience wearing hanbok and play traditional games.

    Support will be offered for transportation so that visitors are not inconvenienced by the great increase in the number of visitors moving back and forth between Seoul and Pyeongchang. For 11 bus routes passing through transit locations, such as Seoul Station, Express Bus Terminal Station, and Sangbong Bus Terminal Station, the final departure will be extended to 2 am.

    ○ Final departure extension will take place for 10 days (Feb. 9 Opening Ceremony, Feb. 10, Feb. 12, Feb. 14, Feb. 17-21, Feb. 25 Closing Ceremony), centering on days where there will be an increased number of visitors, such as on the Opening Ceremony day.
    ※ 11 routes: 262, 405, 504, 604, 9401, 9701, N13 Sanggye, N26 Gangseo, 360, 643, N61 Sanggye

    ○ In addition, more taxis will be dispatched to Seoul Station, bus terminals, etc., at night during the Winter Olympics period as a convenience for visitors traveling back to Seoul late at night.