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  • Seoul City Announces the Life Zone Plan for Balanced Growth

  • SMG 4424

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) will establish a life zone plan for each neighborhood and expand its commercial districts centering on isolated areas to promote balanced growth. On May 15, 2017, the SMG divided the city into 16 life zones and announced the Seoul Life Zone Plan containing special customized plans for small regions.


    The goal is to add 53 neighborhood centers to the current `3 city centers-7 metropolitan centers-12 regional centers` system to promote balanced growth.

    For balanced regional growth, 81% of the 53 neighborhood centers are concentrated in the northeast, northwest and southwest regions of Seoul which are comparatively less developed or isolated including Samyang, Surak, Wolgye and Gaebong.

    The SMG will also establish a guideline containing the direction of development and management agenda for the 75 centers to reference when establishing a development plan for centers in the future.

    Also, the SMG will expand the commercial districts centering on the northeast, northwest and southwest regions by 2030 and relax regulations to promote regional activation.

    The Seoul Life Zone Plan will be finalized on October 2017 after going through a public hearing, listening to the opinions of the city council and discussing with related organizations.