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  • Seoul City’s GIS portal offers information on 19 tour courses

  • Integrated News SMG 3074

    Seoul City said that it will be providing information on 19 cultural sites and walking tour programs on its GIS portal system as part of its efforts to cater to foreign travelers in the Korean capital.

    The move came on the heels of the City’s decision to strengthen the foreign language support programs of the portal (gis.seoul.go.kr) in March 2010. The upgraded tour content to do with the cultural sites and walking tour courses will be available starting Jan. 5.

    The GIS portal system provides maps and other information on facilities and locations in Seoul to foreign travelers in Korean, English, Chinese and Japanese.

    In this latest move, Seoul City will offer maps, detailed location-related and other information about eight cultural sites, where foreign travelers can undertake a temple stay. Such information will be offered for four temples — Jogyesa, Bongeunsa, Gilsangsa and Myogaksa — and information will also be provided on the Institute of Korean Royal Cuisine and Samcheonggak in order to help those travelers seeking to enjoy Korea’s traditional foods. The city will also upgrade the info on Yejiwon and the home tour courses offered by Korea House to help travelers learn about Korea’s traditional manners.

    In particular, the city will link the information on the walking tour courses with the maps so that foreign travelers can easily find their destinations. This will also apply to information about the walking tour programs that allow visitors to tour major cultural attractions in Seoul on foot.

    Seoul City said that it will continue its efforts to develop diverse map content for foreign travelers and provide updated and useful data in order to help increase tourist convenience.