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  • Seoul Citizens Will Receive a Certification of Appreciation for Saving 2.3 Billion During “Earth Hour.”

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    Seoul citizens will receive a certificate of appreciation because public institutions, private facilities, homes, etc., a total of 630,000 facilities, participated in the world’s largest campaign, “Earth Hour,” on March 31, saving energy worth a total of 2.3 billion won.

    Representatives of the world headquarters of the WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) Earth Hour group, the sponsor of the campaign, will present the certificate of appreciation to Mayor Won Soon Park, who represents Seoul’s citizens, in his office at 6PM on Monday, September 10.

    The “Global Lights Out” event was originally launched in Sydney in 2007 under the leadership of the WWF’s Earth Hour group, and is now the world’s largest environmental event, attracting the participation of billions of people from more than 5,000 cities in 135 countries on five continents.

    The WWF, founded in September 1961, is the world’s largest independent conservation organization, with its headquarters in Switzerland. The WWF Earth Hour group, established after the launch of the “Global Lights Out 2007” campaign event, oversees global environmental campaigns in cooperation with its predecessor agency, the World Wide Fund for Nature.

    This year’s “Global Lights Out” event was held under the theme of “Let’s Give the Earth a Rest with 60 Minutes of Lights Out”. Citizens hosted various participatory events together, with the aim of raising public awareness of the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, inside Noksapyeong Station in Seoul, and representatives of the twenty-five autonomous regions visited large buildings to encourage Seoul citizens to participate in the “Global Lights Out” event.

    Seoul Mayor Won Soon Park participated in the production of the “Global Lights Out” promotional video, which was used to promote the event via the WWF homepage and SNS.

    The representatives of the world headquarters of the WWF Earth Hour group stated that the reason for their visit was the unprecedented performance resulting from Seoul City’s full support and citizens’ fervent participation.

    Mayor Won Soon Park said, “I will continue to actively cooperate in 2013 to enable us to better address climate change, prevent global warming, and save energy through the “Global Lights Out” events,” adding, “I expect the stories of active Seoul citizen participants will be spread to the world to serve as the impetus for many more people to participate in the campaign.”