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  • Seoul Citizens to Select the New Seoul Brand on October 28

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    From among Print  Print  Print   the new Seoul Brand, which will serve as the face of Seoul, will be selected on October 28, 2015, which is also “Seoul Citizens’ Day.” Seoul Metropolitan Government revealed the three finalists on October 6 and conducted a preliminary poll (online and offline), up until October 26, in which over 130,000 citizens participated.

    The creators of the three finalists of the Seoul Brand Idea Contest explained their design concepts as follows.

    The creator of the slogan   Print  explained, “I wanted to express Seoul as a city that you and I create together,” while the creator of the BI conveyed that, in the image, “you” and “I” come together in Seoul through passion and relaxation.

    The creator of  Print  said, “I wanted to express that coexistence, passion, and relaxation are all ‘happening’ in Seoul right now.”

    The creator of the slogan  Print   said, “I believe that Seoul is like a friend with a deep soul—a soulmate,” while the creator of the BI explained that the “e” and “o” are connected in a way that leads people to read it as “Soulmate” and that it is a portrayal of two people standing face-to-face.

    At the “Meeting of 1,000 Citizens to Select the Seoul Brand,” which will be held in an audition format at Seoul Plaza, both the creators and editors of the slogans and BIs will present informative videos on the creation and screening of the slogans and the BIs, while experts will help the citizen judges make informed decisions through a Q&A session. Afterwards, the 1,000 citizen judges as well as the expert judges will cast their votes for the new Seoul Brand. Their votes will then be combined with the results of the preliminary poll of 100,000 citizens to determine the winning Seoul Brand.

    At the Launching Ceremony of the New Seoul Brand, Seoul Mayor Park Won Soon, together with the chairman of Seoul Metropolitan Council, a member of Seoul Metropolitan Council’s Culture, Tourism, and Sports Committee, and citizens who participated in the development of the new Seoul Brand, will announce and launch the new Seoul Brand, handpicked by Seoul citizens. Afterwards, celebratory performances will be held for citizens and visitors from abroad. All Seoul citizens are welcome to come and watch the Launching Ceremony of the Seoul Brand and the performances, to be held from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m., at Seoul Plaza.

    The search for the new Seoul Brand was carried out based on the condition that it was to be created by Seoul citizens, selected by Seoul citizens, and used by Seoul citizens. Starting with identifying the unique qualities of Seoul, the whole process was led by citizens, including the development of the new brand. The support provided by Seoul Metropolitan Government, the development process undertaken by Seoul citizens, and other data and information have been posted on the Seoul Brand website (seoulbrand.go.kr)

    The new Seoul Brand will be a citizen-participatory, open platform logo that all citizens are free to use. Also, the flexibility of the brand identity will allow it to be used in a variety of forms, serving as a “citizens’ brand” that both individuals and private companies may use, as long as they meet certain minimum requirements, which will be determined at a later date.

    Also, in December, Seoul Metropolitan Government will install a movable sculpture of the new Seoul Brand in Seoul Plaza and hold a promotional tour featuring events at major venues in the city, such as Gwanghwamun Square and the DDP, in an effort to encourage the public use of the new Seoul Brand, as it was “made for the people.”