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  • Seoul Citizens saved energy worth KRW 2.3 billion by participating in ‘Earth Hour.’

  • Integrated News SMG 1973

    How much energy can you save by turning off a light? If ten million people turned off just one light, it would make a significant difference.

    The city government announced that Seoul saved about 2.3 billion won worth of energy through its participation in Earth Hour, a global event that took place for 60 minutes from 08:30 to 09:30 p.m. on Saturday, March 31. Compared to the level of energy consumption a week earlier, March 24(Sat), energy consumption on March 31 declined by 15,336MWh, representing 2.3 billion won in terms of reduced energy bills.
    – Energy (electricity) saving: 2.3 billion won (15,336MWh×151won/KWh)

    The energy saved on March 31 amounts to 0.25% of the daily power production at a nuclear power plant
    (Wolseong 4).
    – Average annual energy production at Wolseong 4 Nuclear Plant for the past ten years: 6,033,456MWh

    Globally, this year’s Earth Hour event was participated in by 6,525 cities and villages in 150 countries, showing an increase of 1,525 cities and villages compared to 2011 (5,000 cities and villages in 150 countries).