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  • Seoul Citizens to Receive Discounts at Tourist Facilities in Honolulu, Hawaii

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    If you are a Seoul citizen planning to visit Honolulu, Hawaii, where Waikiki Beach stretches for miles, make sure to bring your ID; with it, you can receive discounts at major cultural and tourist facilities around the city.

    On June 19, Mayor Park Won Soon met with Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell during his official visit to Seoul and discussed ways to promote exchange and cooperation between the two cities regarding culture and tourism, and signed an MOU.

    In the future, the citizens of Seoul and Honolulu will be able to receive discounts at cultural and tourist facilities when visiting each other’s cities. Specific details of the arrangement will be determined through working level meetings.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government first signed an MOU on the exchange of discount services at cultural and tourist facilities with Hokkaido, followed by four other cities − Tokyo, Jakarta, Delhi, and Taipei. Soon, this policy will include more cities around the world that are frequented by Korean travellers, such as Beijing and Manila.

    Seoul and Honolulu became sister cities in 1973, but this is the first time the mayor of Honolulu has made an official visit to Seoul regarding exchange and cooperation.

    “Seoul and Honolulu have been sister cities for a long time, and are now able to pursue practical exchanges, such as offering discounts on admission to cultural and tourist facilities for our citizens, through this MOU,” remarked Mayor Park Won Soon. “In the future, we will establish more such forge similar agreements with other cities so that our citizens will have more opportunities to enjoy and appreciate culture and the arts around the world.”