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  • Seoul Citizens Help Collect 100,000 Pieces of Clothing for Homeless and Needy

  • Welfare, Health & Security News SMG 4253

    Seoul City distributed clothes donated by citizens and non-governmental organizations to 10,000 needy.

    53 organizations and 368 citizens have donated 100,000 pieces of used clothing to “Clothes Donation to the Homeless” since the project was launched in February last year. The City has distributed these clothes to homeless facilities and “Our Wardrobe” (Seoul Station Shower and Changing Room) within the city. Each person received about 10 pieces clothes, which included not only outerwear but also undergarments, socks, shoes, bags and other miscellaneous items.

    Helping to raise awareness of homeless issues, the clothes donation drive was launched in February last year by Seoul City in collaboration with Seoul Homeless Welfare Association.