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  • Seoul Citizens’ Hall – Remains of a rich history

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    Interested in Seoul’s history? Head over to Seoul City Hall to learn more about the roots of Seoul.
    The Seoul Citizens’ Hall, which is a fresh new space for citizens, is a place where performances, exhibitions,lectures, and markets can be held. On top of that, policy forums and citizen colleges are held for those who live in Seoul.
    Another cool thing is that it is a place where learning and communication activities are conducted every day to feel the empathies with citizens and favorable responses.
    Seoul Citizens’ Hall celebrated its first anniversary in Jan. 2014. More than 1.4 billion people visited the hall during the one year of 2013 – daily 4,600 people on average.
    How to get there: Take the subway from line 1 or line 2 to City Hall Station Exit 5.