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  • Seoul Citizens’ Hall Celebrates Second Anniversary with 3.1 Million Visitors

  • SMG 2839

    This year marks the second anniversary of the opening of the Seoul Citizens’ Hall. Since its opening on January 12, 2013, the Citizens’ Hall is estimated to have attracted some 3.1 million visitors as of the end of December 2014 – an average of 5,018 people a day. The Citizens’ Hall has consolidated its presence as a platform for sharing culture, communication, and enhanced everyday well-being by holding not only exhibitions, forums, lectures, markets, and weddings but also citizens’ engagement programs, such as the Seoul Speakers’ Corner and Talking about Policies.

    In addition to these past achievements, the Seoul Metropolitan Government, with its “space of the people, for the people, and by the people” vision, will strengthen citizen engagement in its operations and programs offered while opening the hall even on Mondays, which formerly was day of rest from the public.

    The changes do not stop there: the number of members of the Citizens Planning Group — 21 general citizens initially participated in the effective operation of Citizens’ Hall — will be increased to forty and their ability to take part in programs, which was restricted to once per year, will become unlimited.

    The roles of citizen volunteers, which formerly were confined to being a simple guide and providing support for program operations, will be expanded to include serving as professional guides for senior citizens, planning and executing programs by area, and implementing monitoring activities.

    As an attempt to facilitate the general public’s participation, transparent independent projects aimed at public happiness and well-being will be actively set up, and the number of joint programs based on private-public partnerships, including civic groups with suitable contents and resources, will be expanded.