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  • Seoul Citizens Choose ‘I. SEOUL. U’ as the New Seoul Brand

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    □ On Wednesday, October 28, Seoul Metropolitan Government selected Print as the new Seoul Brand and launched it at a ceremony that all people around the world were invited to watch. The new Seoul Brand received the highest overall score, based on the results of a preliminary poll of citizens and the votes of citizen and expert judges at the Meeting of 1,000 Citizens, which was held in a competitive audition format at Seoul Plaza on October 28.

    ○ Following , Print is now the new face of Seoul, having received a total of 49,189 votes (36.5%) in the preliminary poll, 682 votes (59.8%) from the citizen judges, and nine votes (100%) from the expert judges at the Meeting of 1,000 Citizens.

    ○ The judges participating in the Meeting of 1,000 Citizens, consisting of 1,000 citizens selected through an open application process and nine experts, watched presentations on the three final Seoul Brand candidates, listened to the creators and editors of the slogans and BIs answer questions posed by the expert judges, and, using digital voting devices, voted for the candidate they believed most suited to be the new Seoul Brand.

    ▶ Voting Results

    Preliminary Poll
    Meeting of 1,000 Citizens Total
    Citizen Judges
    Expert Judges
    Print 36.5%
    Print 23.7%
    0 16.81%
    Print 39.8%
    (53, 625)
    0 24.99%
    Total Votes 134,747 1,140 9 100%


    ○ According to the results of sample surveys (of 1,000 people) conducted in five cities around the world, including Seoul, at the time of the preliminary poll, the citizens of Seoul, Tokyo, Beijing, and Paris chose Print as the brand that they feel best represents Seoul.

    ○ Moreover, the results of a mobile survey of 30,000 residents of Seoul and the surrounding metropolitan area revealed that people in their 30s and 40s most preferred Print.

    □ Citizens who voted for Print as the new brand remarked that the brand is “neat and simple, yet eye-catching.” They also commented that the brand best represents the message of coexistence, with “you” and “I” being connected through Seoul.

    ○ Lee Ha-Lin, a college senior majoring in philosophy who suggested the slogan through the Seoul Brand Idea Contest, explained, “I wanted to say that together “you” and “I” should make Seoul a city that is developing rapidly in various ways, even at this very moment.”

    ○ Choi Hye-jin, the creator of the BI and owner of a design company, explained that the red dot next to “I” represents passion, while the blue dot next to “U” represents relaxation. “With the help of my design team, I expressed that these two opposing qualities, represented by the colors red and blue, coexist in Seoul,” Choi said.

    Print expresses that “you” and “I” come together through Seoul. By substituting the letter “O” in “Seoul” with the Korean letter “ㅇ,” the creator of the BI produced an image of Seoul as a global city that represents the Republic of Korea.

    □ The vice president of Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Kim Yoo Kyung, who is Korea’s highest authority on public brands, participated in the Meeting of 1,000 Citizens as an expert judge. In the final evaluation of the brands, he explained, “In the future, cities need to be branded under the concept of ‘doing’ rather than ‘being.’” He went on to add, “A good city brand is open to a wide variety of interpretations, and we need to respect each individual’s interpretation of the brand.”

    ○ Professor Seo Kyoung-duk of Sungshin Women’s University, who is a publicity expert, commented, “It is very impressive and significant that Seoul citizens were involved throughout the entire process, from defining Seoul’s identity and suggesting ideas for the new brand to making the final decision.”

    □ The new Seoul Brand will be made available to everyone through an open source platform, so that anyone can freely change the design or the format and commercialize the brand, as long as they meet the minimum requirements.