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  • Seoul Children Win 2 Prizes in Japan’s Environmental Poster Contest

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    Two students from elementary and middle schools in Seoul have won the “Foreign Minister’s Prize” and the “Education and Science Minister’s Prize” at an environmental poster contest hosted by the “Earth Children’s Club” in Tokyo, Japan.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government was honored with prizes for the two pieces, which were chosen from among the 155 submissions (112 from elementary students and 43 from middle and high school students) that were submitted last March.

    The contest, which marks the 15th annual event this year, selects prizewinners from among the posters that were created under the theme of “3R (Reduce+Reuse+Recycle).” Prize winners have been selected from among students from four countries in Asia, namely Japan, Korea, China, and Russia, and the contest itself provides a venue for international exchange through a contest and award ceremony.

    Cho Yun-gi, a sixth grader at Wolchon Elementary School, and Park Ye-hun, a third grader at Bonghwa Middle School, won the Foreign Minister’s Prize and the Education and Science Minister’s Prize in this year’s competition. The students will visit Tokyo on August 2, 2011 to attend the award ceremony, which will take place on August 4, 2011.

    Cho Yun-gi said, “I have always had a keen interest in the earth’s environment, and I was very impressed with the opportunity to hold a debate on the environment with children from many foreign cities,” adding, “During my visit to Japan I will promote the beautiful city of Seoul, which values and protects the environment.”

    Meanwhile, the contest receives submissions via the websites of various schools and the Seoul Metropolitan Government around March of each year.

    · Award winners

    Cho Yun-gi, Foreign Minister’s Prize, Park Ye-hun, Education and Science Minister’s Prize