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  • Seoul celebrates car-free day 2010

  • Integrated News SMG 3439

    Seoul has officially kicked off the “car-free day 2010” campaign ahead of the two day G20 summit starting on Nov. 11, Seoul City said. The South Korean capital has been holding a “car-free day” since 2006 with the cooperation of a civic committee to promote environmental awareness and conservation.

    Seoul City believes the G20 global event taking place from Nov. 11 to 12 will serve as a good opportunity to show the city’s world-class public transportation system to the international community with Seoul citizens’ cooperation.

    Seoul City and the “Seoul car-free day joint committee” asked for the public’s voluntary cooperation during the program’s launch held at the Cheonggye Plaza on Nov. 3, underscoring that public participation is a key to holding a successful G20 summit.

    A promotion campaign followed the ceremony with a parade that covered the Cheonggye Plaza, Seoul Plaza and Jongno. The parade members included members of the joint committee and about 600 civic group members.

    Seoul City said the launch ceremony also signifies the city’s support for a global campaign to reduce carbon-emitting vehicles. The city government also extended its wish for a successful G20 summit through the “unique” parade featuring individuals decked out with each of the G20-member countries’ traditional costumes.