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  • Seoul to build up a test bed in Sangam DMC for the world’s first 5G-based cooperative driving of autonomous vehicles

  • Press Releases SMG 615
    • – Seoul to build up a testing ground in DMC for autonomous driving technology by 2019
    • – It is the first case in the world to demonstrate any kinds of vehicle communication network, such as 5G
    • – Sensors and 5G vehicle telecommunication network to be established on the roads for vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication
    • – Starting from the second half of 2019, an autonomous bus to be pilot-run at major spots in DMC to demonstrate its commercialization

    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, May 14, 2018 — Sangam Digital Media City (DMC) in Seoul will become a test bed for cooperative driving of autonomous vehicles, a technology that a vehicle runs on its own without a driver. It is the first case in the world to demonstrate any kinds of vehicle communication network.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport jointly announced that they would designate Sangam DMC as the target area for the next generation “Cooperative-Intelligent Transport System (C-ITS) Project,” and will build up a testing ground on actual roads, needed to develop five-level autonomous driving technology by 2019.

    C-ITS, also known as connected vehicle technology, is to establish a road environment that enables interaction and cooperation between actors in transport systems by the connectivity by means of vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2X: Vehicle-to-everything) communication.

    According to the plan, the Seoul Metropolitan Government will build the world’s first 5G vehicle telecommunication network that allows sending and receiving massive data in just 0.1 second, and cellular V2X and a WAVE network.

    In DMC’s pilot district, there will be spaces to check up and repair various sensors free of charge, and also charging stations for electric vehicles.

    Starting from the second half of 2019, a “driverless” autonomous bus will be run between the Digital Media City Station (Subway Line 6) and main stops in DMC two or three times a day so that the citizens can experience it without charges.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government plans to commercialize this unmanned autonomous bus in areas with poor public transportation system in the form of, for instance, “bus called with mobile phones” when the demonstration of the driverless bus is successfully completed.