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  • Seoul Brand Idea Contest – With the Citizens of the World –

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    Seoul Brand Idea Contest
    – With the Citizens of the World –

      The Seoul Metropolitan Government is currently developing a new city brand for Seoul that reflects Seoul’s identity and with which Seoul citizens can identify. Accordingly, we are holding the Seoul Brand Idea Contest, and invite all citizens of the world to participate. We welcome your interest and participation.

      Mayor of Seoul

    ▶ ONLINE : Seoul Brand website seoulbrand.or.kr

    ▶ Email : Send to the Operations Office at idea@seoulbrand.or.kr


    1. Title : Seoul Brand Idea Contest with the Citizens of the World

    2. Purpose : Development of a brand (slogan and BI) that reflects Seoul’s

    • ○ Develop a brand that reflects Seoul’s past, present, and future and with which Seoul citizens can identify
    • ○ Strengthen Seoul’s competitiveness and inspire self-confidence in Seoul citizens through a brand that reflects modern values

    3. Theme

    • Seoul: A relaxed city with passion where people coexist

    ○ Keywords for Seoul’s identity (core values): Coexisting, Passionate, and Relaxed

    • • Coexisting(harmonious) ☜ fusion (traditional & modern, natural & urban), multicultural, considerate
    • • Passionate(enthusiastic) ☜ youthful culture, trendy, adventurous
    • • Relaxed(balanced) ☜ people-centered, sustainable, eco-friendly

    4. Categories

    • ○ Slogan: Slogan that best represents Seoul to the world ※ In Korean or English
    • ○ BI (symbol or logo): BI or BI and slogan that present the best image of Seoul to the world

    5. Eligibility: Anyone who loves Seoul (including foreigners)

    Type Eligibility Remarks
    General Korean and foreign college students (or equivalent age) and older – Teams may apply in both general and student categories.

    – There is no limit on the number of submissions.

    – For the slogan, the contest is not divided into general and student categories.
    Student Korean and foreign elementary, middle, and high school students (or equivalent age)

    ※ Open to students on leave of absence, home schooled students, as well as students of international schools

    6. Schedule

    • ○ Submission period: July 20, 2015 (Mon) – September 1 (Tue)
    • ○ Deliberation period: September 2 (Wed) – September 7 (Mon), tentative
    • ○ Announcement of winners: September 8 (Tue), tentative
    • ※ To be posted on the Seoul Brand website (seoulbrand.go.kr)

    7. How to Participate

    • ○ Online: Seoul Brand website (seoulbrand.go.kr)
    • ○ Email: Send to the Operations Office at idea@seoulbrand.or.kr
    • ○ Mail: Seoul Brand Idea Contest Operations Office, 2F Wawa Building, 81 World Cup buk-ro 4-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul 121-898, Republic of Korea
    • (Submissions must be received by the deadline.)
    • ☞ Mailed submissions must be CDs or USBs containing proposals and BI files.
    • ○ Submission: Proposal and BI file
    • ※ File names must be in the format of “Applicant name_Phone number_Title.”
    • – Slogan: No specific format
    • – BI: Jpeg, png, or pdf file; image must be larger than A4-sized paper; file size must be less than 10MB

    8. Selection Standards (Slogan and BI)

    • ○ Based on the degree to which Seoul’s identity in reflected by the submissions, as well as originality, suitability, clarity, correlation, extensibility, etc.

    9. Awards

    Category BI Slogan
    General Student
    Grand Prize 1 KRW 3 mil. 1 KRW 1 mil. 1 KRW 1.5 mil.
    Second Prize 1 KRW 2 mil. 1 KRW 500,000 1 KRW 1 mil.
    Third Prize 1 KRW 1 mil. 1 KRW 300,000 1 KRW 500,000
    Idea Prize 7 KRW 200,000 7 KRW 100,000 7 KRW 100,000
    • ☞ All winners will receive an award certificate from the Mayor of Seoul, and the names of all applicants will be listed in the Seoul Brand white paper.
    • ※ For teams, only one award certificate, bearing the team name, will be issued.

    10. Information Session: July 20 (Mon) 19:00, tentative

    • ※ For more details, please go to the Seoul Brand website.

    11. Important Information

    • • Applicants may submit entries for either the slogan or BI or both.
    • • When submitting as a team of two people or more, please submit the application under the name of the team leader.
    • • The personal information you provide on the form will be used only for the purposes of this contest.
    • • In the event the same work is submitted multiple times, only the first submission will be entered into the contest.
    • • Submitted entries will not be returned to the applicants, and the copyright and the right to the use of the winning entries shall belong solely to the Seoul Metropolitan Government.
    • • Submissions that do not represent the work of the applicant (plagiarized or stolen copyrighted materials, etc.) and submitted materials that have received awards in other contests will be disqualified from this contest.
    • – If, after an award is presented, it is discovered that a submitted work was plagiarized, the award will be cancelled, and the prize (certificate) withdrawn.
    • – Civil and criminal liabilities for the violation of copyrights regarding the submitted entries lie solely with the applicant.
    • • After the announcement of the winners, winning entries may be modified or revised by professional designers or the Seoul Metropolitan Government in the process of developing the final brand of Seoul.
    • – Winners must submit modifiable files (AI or PSD format) of the winning entries.
    • • In the event there is no winner, prizes may be changed or not given.
    • • All applicable taxes on the cash prize must be paid by the recipient.
    • • When submitting an entry, applicants must fill out the provided proposal form. (Refer to the attachment.)
    • • The schedule and program of the contest may be subject to change depending on the circumstances of the Seoul Metropolitan Government.
    • • For more detailed information, please refer to the Seoul Brand website, or submit an inquiry to the Operations Office (☎ +82 2 338 7404) or City Branding Division (☎ +82 2 2133 6192).


    ▶ Overview of Seoul Brand ◀

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