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  • Seoul Botanical Garden’s second autumn event “Someone’s Botanical Garden” to be held from October 18

  • Press Releases SMG 523
    • A total of 17 teams of creators showcase a unique and special “plant culture festival” at the Seoul Botanical Garden from October 18 to 20
    • On October 20, gardeners demonstrate the interiors using autumn plants with performances
    • A live painting show, yoga and meditation programs, a tea class and other hands-on programs are provided for visitors
    • Seoul Metropolitan Government says, “more events that allow the citizen’s participation will be further developed to make the Seoul Botanic Garden a “botanic garden for everyone”

    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, October 14, 2019 – The Seoul Metropolitan Government will host the second “Someone’s Botanical Garden: Season2” event for three days from October 18 at the Seoul Botanical Garden, which opened to the public in October last year.

    During the event, several teams of creators who usually work with the themes related to plants will showcase a unique and special “plant culture festival.” “Someone’s Botanical Garden” was the name of the first autumn event held at the Seoul Botanical Garden in October 2018, where a total of 17 teams consisting of professional creators and citizens selected from the open contest participated. This year’s event will take place with the same concept and the same manner as the last year’s event.

    The event is scheduled to be held in the areas of the Theme Garden and the Botanical Center of the Seoul Botanical Garden by a total of 17 teams of creators, including five teams selected through the open contest.

    On October 19, a concert will be held at the square on the basement floor of the Botanical Center, and on October 20, “Book and Music Therapy Concert” where participants listen to the creators read books and the music related to the books will take place. Also, a modern dance performance will be made with the theme of flowers. On October 19 and 20, gardeners and “their friends” will demonstrate the making of handtied using autumn plants. Besides, the plants-based interior exhibition will also be held.

    At the sunken plaza on the first floor of the Botanical Center, a live painting show will be presented, where completes a botanic art on a five-meter-wide, two-meter-long canvas, while outside the second floor will offer yoga and meditation programs. Various hands-on events, such as drawing plants and making pressed flower soaps, will also be provided. In addition, picture book boxes with mats will be rented for visitors.

    From 12 p.m. through 5 p.m. on October 19, a market will be opened on the waterfront of the Lake Garden, offering opportunities for visitors to buy crafts, accessories, and caricatures made by artists as well as to view and experience them.