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  • Seoul Botanic Park Winter Garden Festival “European Christmas in Seoul”

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    The Christmas spirit of winter in the Mediterranean with exotic marketplaces and sparkly silver ornaments in small towns throughout Europe can now also be found in Seoul. Seoul Botanic Park, where visitors can enjoy a refreshing garden with plants from tropical regions and the Mediterranean Sea in the middle of winter, will open a special exhibition and event in light of the winter season.

    Seoul will be hosting the “2019 Seoul Botanic Park Winter Garden Festival” starting December 11, 2019 (Wed.). The exhibition and event will be open until January 19, 2020 (Sun.).

    In the greenhouse, Seoul Botanic Park’s representative building, will be an unveiling of unique trees and tropical plants.

    The Tropical Zone will house be thirty types of tropical orchids that are uncommon in Korea. Seoul centered the exhibition around the lotus pond and skywalk with the “Cattleya,” also known as the queen of orchids, along with moth orchids, boat orchids, dancing-lady orchids, and other colorful orchids for visitors to see and smell the tropical plants up close.

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    The Mediterranean Zone will become the location of a miniature snowy village with children riding a merry-go-round and ice skating, as well as a winery with oak barrels and a coachman carrying a tree. The exhibition will also feature a white birch barn and a large cube tree in the shape of a jungle gym.

    The outdoor winter-themed park will be decorated with a large snowman made out of pots between the winter trees that have shed their leaves, Santa Clause, Rudolph, and animals like foxes, bears, and penguins as part of the Log Animal Photo Zone.

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