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  • Seoul Botanic Park to open temporarily starting the 11th

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    ‘Seoul Botanic Park’ will hold a six-month trial period following its temporary opening on October 11th and before its official opening in May of next year.

    Seoul plans to hold trial operations after the temporary opening in preparations for its official opening next spring. During the trial operation period, the states of local and foreign plants will be minutely observed to ensure stable settlement of the plants, and citizen opinions will be collected for any improvements or supplementations required for operation.

    During the trial operation period, all areas of Seoul Botanic Park will be open for free, and matter of payment for admission into the greenhouse and other facilities will be determined after considerable discussion and collection of opinions from citizens and experts.

    Seoul Botanic Park to open temporarily starting the 11th

    Seoul Botanic Park combines a ‘park’ where citizens can enjoy rest and leisure with a ‘botanic garden’ where plants are exhibited and visitors can learn to create a botanic park. Its total area is 504,000 ㎡, which is roughly the size of 70 soccer fields (7,140 ㎡ each), 2.2 times the size of Yeouido Park (229,000 ㎡) and approximately the size of Seoul Children’s Grand Park (536,000 ㎡). Seoul Botanic Park currently retains around 3,100 species of plants and plans to secure up to 8,000 species for collection, exchange, research, and propagation.

    Seoul Botanic Park is directly connected to Magongnaru Station of Line 9 and the Airport Railroad (Exits 3, 4), which allows for fine accessibility. The park is located 30 minutes from Gangnam (Sinnonhyeon Station) and 40 minutes from Incheon International Airport.

    The ‘Theme Garden’ that features an outdoor theme park and the Plant Culture Center (greenhouse, learning culture space) that exhibits 12 urban plants from around the world will be open from 09:00-18:00 while other sections will remain open around-the-clock.