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  • Seoul Botanic Park holds Winter Garden Festival

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    If you are a nature-lover looking for somewhere to stay warm this winter, the Seoul Botanic Park is holding the perfect festival for you. The park’s Winter Garden Festival showcases exotic plants from tropical regions and the Mediterranean, decorated with sparkly ornaments for Christmas. Our Kim Jae-hee gives us a sneak peak.


    The largest greenhouse in South Korea has been transformed into a winter wonderland.

    The Seoul Botanic Park is holding a special winter festival until January 19th next year.

    “This cube-shaped Christmas tree house is just one of the special displays that Seoul Botanic Park has put out for its Winter Garden Festival.”

    Even the cactuses in the Mediterranean zone are ready for Christmas with Santa hats on.

    The tropical zone is home to thirty different types of orchids that are rare in Korea, including the Cattleya, which is known as the queen of orchids.

    Visitors can enjoy a magnificent view of the plants out on the skywalk.

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    “We organized various exhibitions so that visitors can fully enjoy the Christmas atmosphere as the year meets its end. We will continue to hold a range of plant exhibitions for people to enjoy.”

    Serving as a space where city residents can easily get in touch with nature, the park is a 10 minute drive from Gimpo airport, and is directly connected to Magongnaru subway station.

    Visitors said the park is the perfect place to feel the Christmas spirit.

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    “We’re members of a women’s hiking club. About one hundred of us came together to the Seoul Botanic Park because it’s raining outside. It’s very Christmassy here and I think it’s the perfect place for the year-end holiday.”

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    “I came to the Seoul Botanic Park on a field trip with my friends. I’m happy because I saw a big tree leaf.”

    The indoor park is open from 9:30 AM to 5 PM every day except for Mondays.

    An exotic Christmas marketplace will also open from Thursday to Sunday this week.

    Kim Jae-hee, Arirang News.