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  • Seoul Botanic Park

    00:00:00 Hello everybody.
    00:00:01 My name is Millena
    00:00:02 Today, I’m here at the Seoul Botanic Garden.
    00:00:05 Let’s take a look around.
    00:00:17 Guys, It’s time to get our tickets
    00:00:19 Let’s see…
    00:00:20 If you have Zero Pay,
    00:00:22 You can get 30% of discount.
    00:00:26 I don’t have Zero Pay.
    00:00:29 Can you use your Zero Pay?
    00:00:30 (Nodding)
    00:00:33 Tá bom~
    00:00:35 So, Let’s see what is inside.
    00:00:39 So pretty but it’s so hot inside!
    00:00:43 Look.
    00:00:45 There are so many pretty flowers.
    00:00:48 I’m in the Tropical Zone.
    00:00:51 And I come from a tropical country.
    00:00:53 I’m from Brazil,
    00:00:54 so I’m feeling home.
    00:00:58 Some flowers hanging.
    00:01:03 Feels like a real forest.
    00:01:04 Okay, Let’s go up!
    00:01:06 It’s so pretty here.
    00:01:21 Seoul Botanic Garden is a new concept of a park that organically combines “park” where citizens enjoy leisure and relaxation in everyday life and “Botanical Garden” that exhibits plants and offers training.
    00:01:29 The park introduces the plants from twelve cities worldwide and their plant cultures.
    00:01:34 So guys, I’m so happy for being here today.
    00:01:37 They have several different types of plants.
    00:01:39 I’m really impressed.
    00:01:41 Now let’s see what they have outside. Okay?
    00:01:43 Let’s go!
    00:01:57 So guys, my trip is over.
    00:01:59 I saw pretty much everything they have here,
    00:02:02 but the place is really big.
    00:02:04 I really recommend you to come here.
    00:02:06 They have many different types of plants,
    00:02:08 even some animals.
    00:02:09 And the place is new. They opened this year in 2019.
    00:02:13 So see you guys again soon.
    00:02:26 Seoul Botanic Garden officially opened in May 2019, and the accumulated number of visitors exceeded 4 million.
    00:02:34 The Seoul Botanic Garden is contributing to the spread of landscape culture and hosting a variety of cultural events for citizens, including exhibitions and performances with a focus on greenhouses and outdoor theme gardens.