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  • Seoul Boosts IT Industry through KRW 217.8 Billion Investment in IT Businesses

  • SMG 2697


    Seoul Metropolitan Government will spend KRW 217.8 billion this year to undertake a total of 836 IT projects, including projects that integrate cutting-edge IT technology, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), big data, and cloud, thereby maximizing the efficiency of the city’s administration and revitalizing the IT industry.

    Most importantly, the “Seoul IoT City Project,” which utilizes IoT to resolve urban problems, such as those related to residential environments, education, and safety, will be expanded to a larger trial area, centering on densely populated residential areas. In addition, the city government will promote the launching of the tentatively named “IoT Incubation Center,” which will support the efforts of developers by providing them with spaces to come up with and develop new ideas and conduct experiments freely.

    Another of these projects, the trial “Real Time Aerial Monitoring System Project,” which focuses on utilizing high-quality spatial images captured using drones as reference material for urban planning and policymaking tasks, will begin sometime in March this year.

    Also, the “Seoul Big Data Campus” will be established as a place where city government officials and citizens may utilize big data collected by Seoul Metropolitan Government to analyze and research social problems in the city. The campus is expected to enter operation in June, after the necessary network, servers, software, and basic infrastructure have been built.

    In addition, several projects will be launched to establish critical infrastructure for the “Cloud Center,” an integrated surveillance camera network around Seoul City Wall, as well as a visitor management system for the Seoul Medical Center.