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  • Seoul Book Bogo

    00:00:03 Hello. This is Serena
    00:00:05 I came to Seoul Book Bogo today.
    00:00:10 Let’s go together.
    00:00:27 It’s so pretty.
    00:00:31 It’s doesn’t look like a warehouse at all.
    00:00:33 The exterior looks like a warehouse,
    00:00:39 but the inside is so amazing.
    00:00:42 There are so many arch-shaped bookshelves inside, and they’re all filled with books.
    00:00:57 Before I come to Korea, I searched Seoul Book Bogo.
    00:01:02 This is where the Seoul city keeps and sells old books and delivers the value of used books to citizens.
    00:01:09 And it’s a complex cultural space to provide citizens with the opportunity to read everyday.
    00:01:15 Seoul Book Bogo is located near the Jamsilnaru station, Songpa district.
    00:01:21 And this place, as well, It has been remodeled from idle space into a complex.
    00:01:27 I think it has eco-freindly significance.
    00:01:32 Every Seoul citizens of tourists in Seoul, in regardless of age,
    00:01:37 will find a book that meets their interest.
    00:01:44 So they will enjoy this place.
    00:02:04 This kind of place, remodeled from idle space to share new book culture,
    00:02:10 can give citizens the new experience and meaning in my opinion.
    00:02:16 Also, citizens put the used books and sell them to other people.
    00:02:22 They can give a new meaning to used books.
    00:02:27 This book is quite old,
    00:02:31 so, this is also a treasure that reminds us of past memories.
    00:02:40 The citizens came up with an idea and named it the Seoul Book Bogo.
    00:02:46 Book Bogo means “the repository of books.” Another meaning is “reading” according to the Korean pronunciation of “Reading Books.”
    00:02:57 So the expression that has a dual meaning is very interesting.
    00:03:04 Well, it’s all for today’s Seoul Book Bogo tour.
    00:03:08 See you later. Bye Bye~
    00:03:15 Seoul Book Bogo is Korea’s first public used bookstore, with an area of 1,465㎡.
    It’s a ‘book culture space’ where visitors can meet a total of 130,000 books in one space, including hard-to-find books published by independent publishers, and collections donated by celebrities.
    00:03:21 It is a ‘used bookstore platform for publicity and purchasing of used books’ that connects existing used bookstores and readers
    The opinioins of used bookstore owners have been considered as much as possible in deciding the types and prices of books in this place.