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Global Seoul Mate Activities

  • SEOUL BIKE RIDE – Hannam-dong and Han River [GOPRO + Z1 RIDER2]

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    Bike ride around Hannam-dong and the Han River in Seoul, using Zhiyun-Tech’s brand new Z1-Rider2 stabilizer! I’ve been using Zhiyun-Tech’s Z1-Pround 3 axis gimbal stabilizer in my SEOUL WALK videos, as well as for general vlogging. The stabilizer is amazing and has allowed me to create some higher quality video footage of Korea to share with the world! Zhiyun-Tech took notice of my use of their product in my videos, and decided to sponsor me! They sent me their latest product, the Z1-Rider2! I got it before they started selling it to the public, which was very nice of them! I’m very happy with the product! This is my first video using the product. The Z1-Rider2 is a step up from its predecessor, the Z1-Rider. All the wires are now tucked away, and there have been some slight design modifications. This is test footage using the Z1-Rider2 for the first time, with my GoPro HERO3 Black Edition, mounted to GoPro’s Chesty Mount. I filmed as usual, at 1080p @ 60fps. I never use post-edit stabilization on my footage. I do apologize for the rattling noise in my video. It’s my chain lock for my bike, it’s wrapped around my seat post and the lock part kept rattling against the bike frame. The rattling does help you to realize that it’s a bumpy ride, but the stabilizer was able to keep the footage steady for the most part, so much that I didn’t feel the need to post-edit stabilize. I wanted to show you the raw footage, and what the Z1-Rider2 is capable of! For more info about the Z1-Rider2, check out Zhiyun-Tech’s website at: http://www.zhiyun-tech.com http://www.zhiyun-tech.cn/index.php?m=content&c=index&a=show&catid=41&id=31 You can also buy this device at: http://www.aliexpress.com/item/The-new-generation-of-Z1-Rider2-GoPro-stabilizer-Zhiyun-split-design-before-the-20-sent-safety/32375406294.html