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  • Seoul Bike Festival 2016 & Asian Cities Bike Forum (ACBF) 2016

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    On the occasion of the second Seoul Bike Festival, the SMG is planning to amaze visitors with a variety of enjoyable programs.

    The 2016 Seoul Bike Festival is being held along the Cheonggyecheon Stream and at Seoul Plaza from Sept. 24 (Sat.) through to Sept. 26. Several exciting bike-themed events will be held along the water banks and on the five bridges between Cheonggye Plaza and Samilgyo (Bridge) on Sept. 24 and 25, and at Seoul Plaza on Sept. 26.

    For an application to attend one of the events, or to make an inquiry, please visit the second Seoul Bike Festival facebook page (www.facebook.com/seoulbikefestival).

    Four programs of the Seoul Bike Festival 2016

    – An open contest, A Day of Ddareungi
    To celebrate the first anniversary of the launch of Seoul’s bike sharing system, there will be a photo and video contest centered on people’s positive experiences using the Ddareeungi system. With over 130,000 people currently subscribed to Ddareungi, we know that there are many great stories out there and we want to see and hear them!

    – A Parade of Unusual Bikes
    This is a special event for displaying your unique and creative bikes and biker clothing, to demonstrate you and your family members unusual bike-riding skills, to invite others to join your unique clubs for bike lovers, and to show off anything else bike-related that you think other riders would find interesting! Deadline for participant application: Sept. 23. (Up to 100 people in order of application)

    – Reminder to married couples to join us on a wedding bike!
    Couples riding wedding bikes will run along the Cheonggyecheon Stream, with many people cheering and giving their blessings. Ten couples will be selected among those who submit applications before Sept. 23, on a first-come-first-serve basis.

    – Night Owl Film Festival
    Bike-related films selected by people through the festival facebook page will be shown at Cheonggye Plaza at 6:00 PM on Sept. 24.

    On Sept. 26, the last day of the Seoul Bike Festival 2016, the Asian Cities Bike Forum (ACBF) will convene, and Mayors from 15 Asian cities, along with over 50 bike experts will discuss a policy for improving bike users daily experience. It is expected that the Seoul Bike Festival 2016 will emerge as a festival enjoyed by people throughout Asia, and will promote future cooperation among our neighboring cities. Those interested in bike riding are invited to enroll and take part in the forum through (http://acbf-seoul2016.org).