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  • Seoul Bestows Honorary Citizenship to 18 Foreigners

  • International Relations News SMG 2138

    Seoul selected 18 foreigners who love Seoul from 14 countries to become “Seoul’s honorary citizens 2019.” Mayor Park Won-soon of Seoul awarded them with honorary citizenship certificates on November 13, 2019 (Wed.) 4:00 PM in the Multipurpose Hall of Seoul City Hall.

    At the ceremony, the newly designated honorary citizens were praised for their activities through which they enriched culture and promoted coexistence, suffering through the difficulties of a multicultural society as foreigners.

    Since the conferment of “meritorious citizenship” to the foreigners who contributed to rebuilding the city around 1958, Seoul’s “honorary citizenship” has been presented to foreigners who have devoted themselves to the administrative development of Seoul, as well as foreign heads of states and envoys, to repay them for their help and as proof of an amicable relations.

    The candidates for honorary citizenship are selected through recommendations by foreign embassies in Korea, heads of public organizations, heads of social organizations, or a groups of more than 30 citizens. A screening of each candidate ensues, and then final consent is given by the Seoul Metropolitan Council.

    Mayor Park Won-soon of Seoul said, “The landmarks of Seoul are its history of 2,000 years and 10 million citizens. A foreigner who visits Seoul or is based in Seoul is also one of the 10 million citizens of Seoul. The more diverse the perspectives of a city are, the better the city can grow in a sustainable way… As it is an honor for Seoul to have you as its citizens, we will make it an honor for you to have Seoul as your city. Seoul will make more efforts to become a livable city for foreign citizens.”