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  • Seoul and Beijing create collaborative ‘fine dust’ hotline

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    Seoul and Beijing create collaborative ‘fine dust’ hotline

    Seoul’s Mayor Park Won-soon and Beijing’s Mayor Jining Chen (陈吉宁) met in Seoul and agreed to actively form a cooperative to effectively reduce the concentration of fine pollutant particulates in the air.

    On March 19, 2018, Seoul and Beijing held the 3rd general meeting of the 「Seoul-Beijing Joint Committee」 and signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU). The 「Seoul-Beijing Joint Committee」 is an organization of permanent cooperation between both cities founded in 2013 that has four subcommittees for economy, culture, education and the environment. Every two years, a general meeting of this committee is held alternately in both cities to discuss collaborations in each field.

    According to the environment-related MOU signed in this 3rd general meeting of the Seoul-Beijing Joint Committee, both parties agreed to operate a ‘fine dust hotline’ to regularly share air-quality data. Moreover, joint technical research will be conducted on the reduction of fine dust by establishing the first ‘Air-quality Improvement Joint Research Group’ and building a tighter mechanism of cooperation by holding ‘Seoul-Beijing Air-quality Improvement Forums’ on a regular basis.

    On the other hand, meaningful discussions on the fields of economy, culture/tourism and education were also held during this 3rd general meeting of the Seoul-Beijing Joint Committee. In the economic field, both cities agreed to cooperate in ▲ promotion of start-up investments, ▲ start-up support networking, ▲ trade fair exchange and ▲ invitation of the best global companies in China to the ‘Seoul Global Challenge’ program. In the culture/tourism field, discussion was held on ▲ proposals of the Asian City Cultural Network (ACCN), ▲ promotion of cities for large-scale international events and ▲ development of Seoul-Beijing tourist goods for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. Lastly, in the education field, both cities agreed to promote cooperation projects such as ▲ invitations to youth camps, ▲ proposition of 1:1 youth matching programs for historical and cultural explorations, ▲ development of educational cooperation policy sharing systems and ▲ an introduction of Seoul’s ‘Youth Job Experience Center’ in preparation for the 4th Industrial Revolution.