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  • Seoul Begins Regulating High-Emission Vehicles on July 1

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    According to an analysis on the restricted operations of grade 5 vehicles in the Green Transportation Zone around Hanyangdoseong, Seoul revealed that the restrictions conjured tangible effects with a significant reduction of grade 5 vehicle traffic.

    Following the implementation of restricted operations within the Hanyangdoseong Green Transportation Zone, a shift in vehicle traffic showed decreases in overall traffic, grade 5 vehicle traffic, and the number of high-pollution vehicles targeted for being negligent of the implemented system.

    The drop in the number of grade 5 vehicles can also be seen through a change in the number of registered vehicles. Registration of grade 5 vehicles nationwide dropped by 20.9% while the amount of registration in Seoul alone dropped by 25%.

    The produced results of the air quality improvement effects in Green Transportation Zones, which reflected the actual reduction of grade 5 vehicle traffic, demonstrated a decrease in the discharge of nitrogen oxides (NOx) by an average of 782 kg per day and a decrease in ultrafine particulate matter by 39 kg per day.

    The SMG took into consideration the time required for high-emission vehicles to apply for low-emission measures in autonomous districts and granted a grace period of up to seven months until June 2020.

    After the grace period ends, the results of low-emission measures showed that 145,660 vehicles, which amounts to 33.7% of the 432,041 vehicles that applied during the grace period as of April 2020, completed the low-emission measures. Of the 47,625 vehicles that applied in Seoul, 21,908 (46.0%) completed the application.

    The SMG determined that the implementation of the restriction of grade 5 vehicles in Green Transportation Zones proved to have a positive influence on the urban traffic environment with a drop in traffic and a rise in low-emission measures through the adoption of the diesel particulate filter (DPF) and early scrapping. The grace period was implemented until June as agreed to at the start of the restricted operation of grade 5 vehicles in Green Transportation Zones, and regulation of cars negligent to low-emission measures will start July 1.

    The SMG plans to minimize confusion surrounding the regulations through active announcements and publicity on the end of the grace period for taking low-emission measures.