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  • The Seoul Bamdokkaebi Night Market is back!

  • SMG 1934

    The Seoul Bamdokkaebi Night Market is back! 2018.3.30.~10.28. The nights of Seoul shine with a new light!

    over 5 million visitors in 2017 Selected as one of the Top 10 attractions for 2017 To thank you all for yout love and interest this year's market will take place in 6 spots rather thhan 5.

    SPOT01 Yeouido : Experience the world! Sacor the world! World Night Market A golbal market taht gathers merchhants form around the world Enjoy a world tour on the banks of hangang River

    SPOT02 Banpo : Festive night market under the rays of moonlight Romantic Moonlight Market an art night market full of night views and water fountains, lights and music! This is where yout Hangang River romance begins.

    SPOT03 DDP : A night market that will be filled with charm of the youths Youth Runway Market A design market to discover the brilliant ideas and style of young artists Join exceptional DJ parties at this trendy night market!

    SPOT04 Cheonggyecheon Stream : A typically Korean atmosphere with unique products and experiences Time Tour Market A unique night market where tourists can discover Korean culture in the heart of the city Go Back in time and discover the flavors and beauty of korea

    SPOT05 Oil Tank Culture Park : The perfect night market for a relaxing night promenade Forest Picnic Market Go for a relaxing, leisurely picnic in a market where the environment and recycling are the centerpiece! From tasty food th busking, in the midst of enjoying the citizens' flea market!

    SPOT06 Cheonggye Plaza : Variously Themed markets open in May, June, September and October Season Market May:Energetic, June:Fantastic, September : Lovely, October : Mission Impossible, Special experiences for every season

    A brand new night in seoul today Bamdokkaebi Night Market opens its doors.