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  • Seoul Awarded “E-Visionary Awards for Its Electric Car Program”

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government was honored with the “E-Visionary Awards” by the World Electric Vehicle Association (WEVA) for its contributions to promoting the use of electric cars in the city. The prestigious award is presented by the association at its annual World Electric Vehicle Symposium to a couple of cities or organizations worldwide which have made outstanding contributions to the distribution of electric automobiles.

    This year, nine cities vied for the prize including Frankfurt, Germany and Barcelona, Spain. Seoul was chosen as an awardee along with Lisbon, Portugal and Los Angeles, U.S.A. With the award, the city of Seoul has been internationally recognized for its serious efforts to promote the use of electric vehicles in the city.

    High-speed electric cars first began to operate in Seoul in 2010, along with recharging stations set up in more than a dozen locations. During the 2010 G20 Seoul Summit, a total of 53 eco-friendly cars, including electric cars and hydrogen-fuel-cell vehicles were mobilized and used successfully, demonstrating Korean advanced technology in this area to the whole world.

    Most notably, electric buses are operated regularly now in Seoul: for the first time in the world, electric buses were successfully fabricated and launched in December 2010, under a joint initiative of the city government and a couple of private businesses, for the Namsan (Mt.) circular bus route. The service has been covered by a host of global media including Reuters and CNN, while countless municipal leaders and officials have come to Seoul to learn about the technology and service.

    Having been designated as the ‘Leading City in the Operation of Electric Vehicles’ by the Ministry of Environment of Korea in 2011, the city of Seoul has now been recognized for its efforts in the field both at home and abroad.