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  • Seoul Attracts Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam with Medical Tourism’s Potential for Growth

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    Vietnam shows a high preference for Korea as a medical tourism destination, having sent 7,532 medical tourists to Korea in 2018 (ranking 8th in number of medical tourists). Ho Chi Minh City, the venue for events, is Vietnam’s core economic city with twice the average GDP per capita of Vietnam itself.

    Current status of Vietnamese medical tourists visiting Korea (source: Korea Health Industry Development Institute)

    Current status of Vietnamese medical tourists visiting Korea
    Category 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
    Vietnam 3,728 5,316 8,746 7,447 7,532

    This briefing session will introduce Seoul’s excellent medical tourism infrastructure and its current status to individuals associated with medical institutions, medical tourism agencies, and travel agencies (about 70 individuals), in addition to offering medical tourism package guides from domestic medical institutions and attracting organizations to publicize the various charms of Seoul’s medical tourism.

    The on-site tourism briefing session will open 1:1 consultations for substantial business meetings between participating businesses and local enterprises to support the creation of various medical tourism packages for Seoul’s visitors.

    The standards of on-site medical environments will be grasped through the briefing session and visits to major hospitals, such as the Medic Medical Center and Korean hospitals making their debuts in Vietnam. Support will be offered for the construction of networks essential for sending mutual tourists.

    Seoul will introduce major medical tourism policies and discuss cooperative measures for the revitalization of tourism exchange between the two countries, with a visit to Ho Chi Minh City and discussions with officials as means of fortifying sustainable cooperation.