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  • Seoul Art Space Mullae (Mullae Creative Village)

  • Photos of Today SMG 2934

    Seoul Art Space Mullae opened its doors on January 28, 2010 as a creative support center for local and foreign artists that includes the autonomously created art village, Mullae Creative Village. The place where old iron shops once sat along the ironworks street in Mullae-dong has been renovated as a professional creative space, and the art space has various support facilities for creative and public activities that include shared working spaces, multipurpose theaters, recording studios, and seminar rooms.

    Opening hours: 09:00-18:00
    Parking facility: Available
    Experiences: Tour of Mullae Art Village, large studios and theaters within Art Space Mullae, tour of multipurpose spaces, etc.
    Inquiries: 82-2-2676-4300