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  • Seoul Architecture Festival 2019 Kicks Off

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    The Seoul Architecture Festival 2019, a festival for the people of Seoul and organized by the city of Seoul, will begin on September 6, 2019 with an opening ceremony. Celebrating its 11th anniversary, the Seoul Architecture Festival will be held under the theme, New Open Space, until September 22 in the Oil Tank Culture Park.

    “New Open Space,” this year’s theme of the Seoul Architecture Festival, refers to a space that is open to everyone and allows for new possibilities. The theme is connected to “Collective Cities,” the theme of the Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism. Various exhibitions and participatory programs for regular citizens are being prepared.

    ※ What is the Seoul Architecture Festival?
    · The Seoul Architecture Festival began in 2009, celebrating the 11th anniversary this year. The festival aims towards the realization of the public value of architecture and the expansion of the base of architectural culture. The Seoul Architecture Festival aims to discover the great buildings of Seoul, focused on the winners of the Seoul Architecture Awards which have been held every year since 1979, and to promote the pioneering of architectural culture and developed technologies. It is a festival for citizens created by experts in architecture, citizens, students, together with the city of Seoul, through which everyone can communicate and participate.

    The festival will be comprised of a variety of exhibitions and participatory programs, all open to the public and free of charge. Video content of winners of the contests that have taken place between now and July, including the Seoul Architecture Awards, Architecture Storytelling Contest, SAF Student Contest, and KIRA Seoul Contest, as well as the Themed Exhibition, Hangang Architecture Imagination Exhibition, and 2018 This Year’s Architect Exhibition will be compiled and played throughout the Seoul Architecture Festival.

    Permanent Exhibition: September 6-22, 10:00-18:00, Oil Tank Culture Park T6 (Closed on Mondays)
    In addition, anyone can take part in programs held for regular citizens, such as the architecture design job festival, docent tour with an expert, and architectural culture tour, after applying in advance. On-site application is available for seats that are left for the Architecture Design Job Festival.

    Architecture Design Job Festival: September 6-7
    (Open lecture, talk show, special open lecture (T2 Hall), open office (T6 B2))

    Docent Tour: September 7, 8, 21, 22, 13:00-15:00 (T6)
    September 10, 11, 17-20, 13:00-14:00 (T6)
    Architectural Culture Tour: September 20, 14:00-16:00 (Course C: Seongsu-dong)
    September 21, 11:00-13:00 (Course A: Yeonnam-dong, Course B: Hongdae)

    The architecture design job festival, which is being launched for the first time this year, is a job and venture briefing session for regular citizens who are interested in architecture and students majoring in architecture. Participatory programs, such as open lectures and special lectures, and an architectural culture tour that have all been planned to be related to the theme of “New Open Space,” will offer great excitement to the participants.

    For a detailed schedule and the application for participation in the participatory programs, visit the Seoul Architecture Festival’s official website (www.saf.kr).

    Programs of Seoul Architecture Festival 2019

    8 Participatory Programs

    Programs of Seoul Architecture Festival 2019
    No. Program Contents
    1 Opening Ceremony Opening ceremony of 2019 Seoul Architecture Festival
    Date & Time: Sept. 6 (Fri.), 17:30 / Venue: T2 (hall)
    2 Awards Ceremony Awards ceremony of 2019 Seoul Architecture Festival
    Date & Time: Sept. 6 (Fri.), 17:40 / Venue: T2 (hall)
    3 Talk Show The story of an architect and Q & A session
    Date & Time: Sept. 6 (Fri.), 14:00 / Venue: T2 (hall)
    4 Open Office Job counseling booth where officials of architecture firms are available
    Date & Time: Sept. 6-7, 10:00
    Venue: T6 (B2)
    5 Open Lecture Job information and stories about architecture delivered by an architect
    Date & Time: Sept. 6-7, 13:00, 10:00
    Venue: T2 (hall)
    6 Open Special Lecture A talk on architecture delivered by a Spanish architect (Grupo Aranea)
    Date & Time: Sept. 6, 14:40 / Venue: T2 (hall)
    7 Docent Tour Listening to talks on architecture while touring the exhibition hall
    Date & Time: Weekdays (13:00, 14:00), Weekends (13:00, 14:00,15:00)
    Closed on Chuseok holiday
    Venue: T6
    Docent: A student who participated in Summer Architecture School
    8 Architectural Culture Tour An architectural culture tour under the three themes related to the open space
    Date & Time: Sept. 20, 14:00-16:00
    Venue: Seongsu-dong, Yeonnam-dong, Hongdae

    ※ Advance applications should be submitted on the Seoul Architecture Festival’s website (www.saf.kr).

    8 Exhibitions

    8 Exhibitions
    No. Title Contents Venue
    1 Architecture Storytelling Contest A storytelling exhibition T6, 1F
    2 KIRA Seoul Contest A contest of architectural photos for middle and high school students T6, 1F
    3 Summer Architecture School A storytelling exhibition T6, 1F
    4 Hangang Architecture Imagination Contest An exhibition of 11 artists and architects T6, 2F
    5 Seoul Architecture Awards An exhibition of the winners of the Seoul Architecture Awards T6, 2F
    6 Themed Exhibition A group exhibition of 5 Korean and 3 Spanish architects T6, 2F
    7 This Year’s Architect An exhibition of This Year’s Architect T6, 2F
    8 UAUS UAUS is an association of the architecture departments of 21 universities in the metropolitan area. Three works that were on display at the 8th UAUS Exhibition will be on display. T6, 2F