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  • Seoul Announces Winners of 2019 Public Design Contest for Citizens: 54 Designs for Rest Areas and Stages

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    The city of Seoul held the 2019 Public Design Contest for Citizens in association with the “Culture Festival” and “Seoul Plaza Filled with Culture” that will be pursued with the opening of the 100th National Sports Festival. Beginning in March 2019, the citizens of Seoul proposed designs applicable to the cultural event venues, such as interesting sculptures to be installed in rest areas at the Cultural Festival’s location and stage designs for Seoul Plaza filled with Culture, under the theme of “A Happy Festival with Participation by and Unity between the People.”

    After the evaluation of creative and producible/installable designs with criteria of the quality of work, space creation effect, and publicness, a total of 54 winners were selected, including 35 designs by adults (1 grand prize, 2 gold medals, 3 silver medals, 4 bronze medals, 10 runner-ups, 15 participation prizes) and 19 designs by students (1 grand prize, 1 gold medal, 2 silver medals, 3 bronze medals, 3 runner-ups, 9 participation prizes).

    The adult grand prize winner was Jo Hyeon-mok who designed “Meet n’ Grid,” in which modules were geometrically expressed to form a reasonable and efficient space. With the conception of an organic space that combines a stage for performances and other spaces, the design allows people to use a single space for various purposes. Judges found the design appropriate as it expressed the theme of the contest well.

    The adult gold prize winners were Jang In-su who designed “Seoul Balloon” and Jeon Jin-hyeon, Song Min-gyeong who designed “Olympic Rings Stage.” “Seoul Balloon” is two large balloons floating in the air, connected to each other with a transparent string. The materials that symbolize the festival are flexibly and lightly designed to facilitate the movement, installation, and dismantlement of a rest area. “Olympic Rings Stage” is a sculpture designed with the motif of the Olympic rings in order to enhance the symbolism of the Olympic stadium. It was evaluated to be well-designed with the colors and shapes of the masses all designed to be harmonious.

    The student grand prize winner of the department of students, which was operated to nurture promising public designers, was Lee Hyeong-jun and Esther Park who designed “HFAD.” Designed with the concept of a stage for people heading towards their dreams, their work was evaluated to be well-designed as a harmonious and hospitable space.

    The gold prize winner of the department of students was Baek Ha-jeong and Jang Jeong-eun who designed “Sign Language.” “Sign Language” is a versatile chair with a sign language that is changeable based on the user’s wishes, decorated with variable phrases on an electronic display. This design was praised by judges to be extremely creative, as the design was conceived by students. The award ceremony is scheduled to be held on October 4 at Seoul City Hall and the exhibition will be held from October 3 (Thurs.) – 11 (Thurs.) at the Sports Complex.

    Again, this year, Seoul will produce full-size installations of the winners’ designs for citizens to experience and sit on these products. After a survey of Seoulites’ opinions, those with high usability will be installed throughout Seoul to be utilized as practical facilities.

    Seoul Announces Winners of 2019 Public Design Contest for Citizens: 54 Designs for Rest Areas and Stages
    (Grand Prize) “Meet n’ Grid” / Jo Hyeon-mok
    (Gold Medal) “Seoul Balloon” / Jang In-su (Gold Medal) “Olympic Rings Stage” / Jeon Jin-hyeon, Song Min-gyeong
    (Grand Prize) “HFAD” / Lee Hyeong-jun, Park Esther
    (Gold Medal) “Sign Language” / Baek Ha-jeong, Jang Jeong-eun