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  • Seoul Announces Transportation Measures in Anticipation of the Closing of Seoul Station Overpass

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    Seoul Metropolitan Government has recently announced a set of transportation measures designed to minimize any traffic congestion and inconveniences for citizens that may be caused by the closing of the Seoul Station Overpass, which is expected to take place at midnight on December 13, 2015.

    To mitigate any inconveniences, the city government will expand public transportation and improve the transit system in the area. Moreover, it will make all possible efforts to ease traffic congestion, such as informing citizens of detours via mobile GPS applications.

    Seoul Metropolitan Government has promised to keep close track of the transportation situation and take steps to keep traffic flowing as smoothly as possible, from onsite surveys and management of roads surrounding the Seoul Station Overpass to identifying and informing citizens of detours and directly maintaining traffic order.

    Five key points of the transportation measures announced by Seoul Metropolitan Government today include: ① improving the vehicle transit system in the area surrounding the overpass, ② expanding public transportation, ③ identifying optimal detours for each area near the overpass, and ⑤ providing such information to citizens in advance in order to prevent inconveniences.

    More specific efforts will be made to assist the residents, merchants, and business owners in the Seoul Station area. In particular, the city government will request that business employees refrain from driving their own cars to work and distribute notices to local residents asking for their cooperation regarding the closing of the Seoul Station Overpass and informing them of detours.