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  • Seoul Announces the “2020 Shift in Seoul Welfare” with Bolstering of the Public Care System

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    This year, Seoul will bolster the care services provided by the public sector. The Seoul Public Agency for Social Service, the institution in charge of the social services related to care that are provided by Seoul, will open its first five public daycare centers in the city. Nine more Comprehensive Welfare Centers that provide services, including long-term care and activity support for disabled people, will be established so that the total number of these centers will be increased to 13.

    The establishment of Welfare SOS Centers, which provide support for not only urgent care but also for day-to-day services, will be expanded to a total of 228 dongs (neighborhoods) across 13 autonomous districts (from 88 dongs in 5 autonomous districts in 2019). Two Vision Centers for People with Neurologically Disabilities, the first of their kind in the nation, are to be established in 2020 and will offer one-stop service combining education, care, and health care, customized to the needs of people with severe brain injuries. As to the Group Homes for Disabled People, which combine a housing service with public rental houses, 70 more homes will be supplied this year. To resolve welfare blind spots, the property standards for Seoul urgent welfare support will be eased and standards for becoming a basic benefactor under the basic guarantee system will be abolished in order to lower the threshold to becoming a beneficiary.

    With these contents at its heart, Seoul announced the “2020 Shift in Seoul Welfare” on January 9, 2020. The city has plans to expand the welfare infrastructure and provide tailored services for individuals by investing large sums in the field of welfare, with the intention that these investments will serve as the “starting line for a humane welfare” in the public sector’s race to provide more comprehensive care.

    Seoul introduced 16 major policies that will be changed in relation to four areas, ▴ the bolstering of public care, ▴ the discovery and addressing of welfare blind spots, ▴ the elderly and those who are in the 50+ generation, and ▴ support projects for people with disabilities.