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  • Seoul Announces Dolbom and Welfare Brand “Seoul Care”

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    Starting with city hospitals, Seoul will develop the integrated brand, “Seoul Care,” that will combine care policies related to medical treatment, health, welfare, women, and families and apply them to various Dolbom facilities.

    The need for an integrated brand was brought up due to the lack of identity and unity between the twelve city hospitals, all with different names and logos that lead to the distress and confusion among citizens who wished to visit city hospitals.

    The integrated brand development was launched in late 2017 to unify the names and logos of the city hospitals in order to improve public awareness and to spotlight the strengths and uniqueness of public medical centers.

    During the past year, public opinions were collected on several occasions through related departments and professional advisory councils developed the integrated brand, “Seoul Care,” that encompasses the values of trust, honesty, and consideration. These values will be equally applied to twelve city hospitals in the future.

    “Seoul Care” is meant to signify, “Seoul’s dolbom service for proper and trustworthy medical treatment, health, and welfare with kind consideration.”
    The image is a heart logo that embodies the sincerity of Seoul’s welfare that encompasses and protects the citizens.

    In the process of promoting the development of the integrated brand, “Seoul Care,” in the areas of medical treatment and health, the brand was extended to also reach the areas of social welfare, children, and family. This is expected to increase the quality of Seoul’s welfare services, offer care to the public, and further expand to various welfare and dolbom facilities such as the Our Neighborhood Kium Center and other welfare centers.

    Seoul plans to use “Seoul Care” to communicate with citizens and responsibly fulfill its role in public care so that children and seniors are not excluded from fair care, for the safe nurturing of children, and for healthy later years for seniors.

    Before and After Application at Seonam Hospital
    Before and After Application at Seonam Hospital
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