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  • Seoul Announces “Comprehensive Pandemic Response Plan”

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    Seoul Metropolitan Government has announced the “Comprehensive Pandemic Response Plan,” which lists 20 tasks in five categories aimed at achieving comprehensive improvements in the city’s public health and medical infrastructure and services and addressing the limitations of the city’s ability to respond to outbreaks of contagious diseases, which came to light during the city’s efforts to contain the MERS crisis.

    By 2018, the city government will increase the number of negative pressure isolation rooms to a total of 194 rooms at six municipal hospitals, a five-fold increase over the current number. To resolve issues such as the overcrowding of emergency rooms and cross-contamination among patients, which played a major role in the spread of MERS, Seoul Metropolitan Government will install negative pressure isolation rooms in the emergency wards of four municipal hospitals, including Seoul Metropolitan Dongbu Hospital and Seonam Hospital, by 2017.

    In addition, the new Hospital Entry and Exit Management System and Special Visiting Rooms will be installed in seven hospitals by 2017 to reduce the instances of hospital visitors contracting diseases through contact with confirmed patients.

    On November 19, 2015, Seoul Metropolitan Government released the “White Paper of Seoul Metropolitan Government MERS Preventive Measures,” which includes a detailed daily account of the major events and preventive measures implemented during the MERS outbreak.