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  • Seoul Announces ‘2016 Seoul Future Heritage’

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    Since the announcement of the “Basic Plan for Transforming Seoul’s Modern Legacy into Future Heritage” in June 2012, 372 Future Heritages have been selected throughout Seoul, and 54 have been confirmed as Seoul Future Heritage of 2016 this year.

    The selections of this year include ‘Seoul Jangsoo Makgeolli’, which has been producing makgeolli since 1962 and has become the leading makgeolli brand, and Seoul native food of ‘Seolleongtang’ for the first time.

    In order to select the contemporary novel, modern poetry, and the movie categories set against the background from the Japanese colonial period to the 1970s as Future Heritages, the city collected experts’ opinions of the related areas before the committee was held.

    Any citizen can recommend Future Heritages through the Seoul Future Heritage website (http://futureheritage.seoul.go.kr), and can use 9,000 materials related to heritage in the archives.

    The Seoul Future Heritage Certificate will be issued to those selected as ‘Seoul Future Heritages.’ If an owner agrees, a sign in the form of a copper plate will be attached to it to inform visitors that it is a Seoul Future Heritage in order to raise the self-esteem of the owner.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government plans to discover Future Heritages continuously in the coming years. In addition, the city aims to utilize the designated heritages to create a cultural space linked with the history, culture and life of the region.